Edible balcony update – Feathered friends

The unexpected advantage of having greenery on your balcony is the visitors who drop by. This pair of rainbow lorikeets ocassionally pops in in the mornings to play see-saw on the branches of my curry leaf tree!

2 thoughts on “Edible balcony update – Feathered friends

  1. Indira

    Love rainbow lorikeets! Brings back memories of how they used to congregate in large numbers in the midst of our apple trees at our old place. Needless to say, they got to the apples before we ever did. I don't think I ever got to enjoy even one unblemished apple from those trees in the eight years I lived there..

  2. dearindira

    Hi Indira(that sounds weird to say) thanks for your post and for following Saucy. Yes I love the lorikeets even if they do create a bit of mayhem on the balcony! Indira


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