Celebrity Masterchef

Well, it’s official folks. I’m going to be one of the 18 contestants in the first Australian ‘Celebrity Masterchef’ series. Channel 10 has released the names of six of my fellow competitors. They are Olympic swimmer Eamon Sullivan, fashion designer Alex Perry, Fairfax journalist and ex-Wallaby Peter Fitzsimmons, The Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges, children’s programme Hi-5 founder Kathleen de Leon and Queensland premier Anna Bligh. What an eclectic mix! Somehow I don’t think I’ll be looking this calm and relaxed when I’m in the Masterchef kitchen! The show goes to air from September 30. Watch and weep!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Masterchef

  1. Anonymous

    Ahhhh! I am so excited Indira…Can not wait! Wonderful…wonderful…wonderful! I sure will be watching. You will be fabulous! Marika 🙂 PS When does Anna Bligh get time to cook?


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