Blackwattle Deli, Sydney Fish Markets

Clockwise from top left : aged Greek fetta, translucent slices of Serrano Jamon, marinated Fremantle sardines, Sicilian olives, mild chorizo, beetroot dip. I served this with some garlic bread and champagne.
We all have our favourite delis. Every deli has its specialty – whether its their cheeses, dips, or that elusive spice. But when you need a one-stop deli that carries stock from all four corners of the globe, it would be hard to find a better providore than the Blackwattle Deli at the Sydney Fish Markets.
I popped in there yesterday morning to source ingredients for this mezze plate. Textures, flavours and colours of the Mediterranean……
We were entertaining our friends Xannon and Verity who are off tomorrow on a Vegas adventure. Bon voyage guys and say ‘Hi’ to Elvis for me!

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