Vegetable blooms

Just because you’re growing edible plants it doesn’t mean your garden will miss out on colour or gorgeous flowers. Here are a few delights from my balcony.
sunflower-yellow tomato blossoms
Delicate white four-petalled flowers from the rocket
Bushy white clusters on the Curry Leaf Tree

The candy-coloured stalks of the rainbow silverbeet

White slipper-like flowers on the sugarsnap pea vines

8 thoughts on “Vegetable blooms

  1. Becci

    Your balcony garden is going great! Wish I had a green thumb like yours! I've only got two tomatoes on my plant and don't think there will be any more.. Hope you do well on Masterchef! Can't wait till 7:30!

  2. Eurasian Sensation

    I once put some flowers in a vase on the table, which my girlfriend thought were really nice. When I told her they were from the gai lan (chinese broccoli) I had growing in the yard, she was not so impressed.

  3. Sally

    Loving your garden. There are few things in this world more delightful than an edible garden. I have a toddler and it is an added joy to watch him explore and experience all the smells and tastes.

  4. Coby

    I am in admiration and envy here! I have a few herbs and a sad looking lemon tree, though I have a reasonable back yard. I look forward to seeing the recipes made from your very own produce!

  5. Mikaela

    Indira, your balcony garden is looking great!! My 86 year old Grandfather has adopted a vege garden in his yard, my uncle's yard, and now our backard. He rides here on his gofer every day and potters around, and I tell you, he can grow some vegetables! My 15 month old daughter loves watching him and she is eagerly waiting for his strawberries to be ripe. What a great view you have over this city, compiled with those gorgeous coloured blooms from the vegetable plants. I am going to show my Grandfather this post!

  6. Veronica

    I'm jealous of your tomatoes. It's still too early here (Tas) to plant tomatoes out yet. I've got some seedlings in pots in the kitchen, but they're not anywhere near flowering yet.

  7. dearindira

    Hi Becci,Everytime I grow tomatoes I learn something new about what they like and what they don't. I first do some research to find a tomato that likes pots, has a high yield and is fruit fly resistant. Then I source the best potting mix, some chicken manure and regularly water it and of course make sure it's somehwere with at least four hours of direct sunshine a day (more if you can)Hopefully Mother Nature does the rest! Sorry to bail out of MasterChef in the first round!IndiraHi Aunty Del,Tips for a south-east facing balcony?Maybe move? No kidding although it's really tough growing anything without at least four or five hours of sun a day. Maybe there's a better spot near your garage or building entrance where you could put a few pots? Thanks for following saucy . IndiraHi Eurasion Sensation,Love that story. I think vegetables with there beautiful colours and structures make stunning floral centrepieces. But take it from a girl, occassionally roses are better!IndiraHi Sally,Yes vegetables gardens are often so much more tactile and interactive for kids. One of our friends toddlers was mesmerised by the aromas from our curry leaf tree and kept grabbing the leaves! IndiraHi Coby,Growing vegetables – while relatively easy – does require daily vigilance…. checking water, and wind damage, and pest attacks…. I hope I can continue to provide the love and affection they require! IndiraHi Mikaela,Hope your grandfather enjoyed Saucy and would love to see some photos of his strawberries when they ripen. IndiraHi Veronica,I grew up in Launceston so I know how bitterly cold Tasmania can get. My parents always grew their tomatoes in a greenhouse.Maybe you could apply similar principles to yours? Indira


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