Win Indira’s ‘Celebrity MasterChef’ Apron by following Saucy Onion

I know. Not much of a prize.
This is the apron I wore while competing on Celebrity MasterChef  Heat One 2009 which airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 10.
It’s been freshly laundered – so no meatball stains. I’ll even sign it for you!
All you have to do for your chance to win is sign up to follow the Saucy Onion food blog and post a comment about any blog entry on Saucy.
If you’re already a follower you just have to post a new comment. Best comment – as judged by Saucy’s resident food and literary critic ( i.e. moi) – will win.
The winner will be announced on Friday October 9th at 0900 EST on Saucy Onion. The apron will be posted to you wherever you are in Australia.

57 thoughts on “Win Indira’s ‘Celebrity MasterChef’ Apron by following Saucy Onion

  1. Indira

    My name's Indira, too! That apron would be perfect for me =) I was hoping you'd win the heat on Celeb Masterchef (and not only because we share the same name)!

  2. Byron Bay Food

    Hi Indira, I could change my name to Indira too if that would help. I am so impressed by Saucy Onion. You have always been one of my favorite media maker (must admit I don't watch much tele these days), and to see you do Social Media with such style is very cool. It's another way to stay connected with you (don't mean that in a creepy stalker kind of way), to consume your insight and personality not via "the box" but through your own handmade media. I think Social Media and Food have a great deal in common. Foodies like all of us here cook for lot's of reasons, yet there is a common thread. We all live to nurture, to create dishes that comfort and uplift those we choose to nourish.So to Saucy Onion nourishes, it provides you with a media vehicle to nourish your readers as you did for your friend, as you do when you step infront of the TV camera and as I suspect you have always done.Congratulations on your appearance on Masterchef (you did so well), on Saucy Onion, and thank you for what you contribute.Deano Power @byronbayfood

  3. Liz

    I must admit, if I were to win the apron it would likely become a comfortable bed for our kitty, Train – not because we wouldn't wear it, more because she'd know how sought after it would be. She's good like that.

  4. dearindira

    Dear Kelly,thanks for followinf Saucy and supporting me on MasterChef. I learnt a lot from the experience. I'm going to try to be better organised and read recipes more closely! IndiraDear Jodi, honestly I think i sweated all the sweat I had in my body. There is nothing left! The producers very generously left out the worst moments when I thought I was going to collapse in a heap! Good to hear from you and hope you are well. Indirahi anzacdaygirl, setting your own pressure tests! Impressive. I actually went out and bought an icecream machine afterwards to see if I can get that blasted bombe right this time! IndiraHi Renee&amp,Tom, pulling at my heartstrings is a novel way to win the apron. It just might work.Hi Nisha, its comforting being under a rock ocassionally. It makes coming out so much more fun! IndiraHi Bubbles and Squeak… I have a goats cheese cigar in my mouth as I type….as George would say… yummy… IndiraHi Louise, apron-wearing to bed is a well-known fetish.Hi Rhubenesque,will try to keep the recipes coming. IndiraHi Suziwong, Like me – a woman who likes her balls!IndiraHi Indira, what a lovely name. IndiraHi Byron Bay Food, wow with that much flattery you must really want this apron bad! Thanks for the generous comments and for finding Saucy.Hi Liz, yor kitty has good taste. Indira

  5. Indira

    hi indira masterchef sucksu soo should of won i'm never watching it again!!!btw my names indira 2 so when i was watching it every time they said our name i'm like ohhh wow it's my namei'm only 12 so my dad made ur meatball dish and it was soo good


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