Celebrity MasterChef repeated tonight at 7.30pm

For anyone who wants a second helping of Celebrity MasterChef, Channel 10 is repeating it tonight Friday 2 October at 7.30pm. Sadly I still lose in this version.

9 thoughts on “Celebrity MasterChef repeated tonight at 7.30pm

  1. Jo

    LOL – that's funny about you not winning in a repeat!! In all seriousness at least you gave it your best shot and competed (well I might add also).I have toyed with completing the application form two years in a row no and have changed my mind both times.Well done again,Jo

  2. why_in_the_heck

    Watched the repeat tonight and I thought your meatballs were to die for! Now I know what to do with that polenta that's been sitting in my cupboard for the last 3 months :DAs soon as you mentioned your blog I jumped on the computer (who am I kidding, I was watching the TV while sitting at the computer) and looked it up. Awesome!

  3. suziwong66

    Dearindira, i too was crushed that you didn't win. I yelled at the TV.."bloody hell you monkey's!, he might have gotten the meringue done, but there's more to the dish and he didn't get it right…are you frikkin mad!!! Indira's ice cream was amazing!! Her presentation was food porn!! Kurts looks like a train wreck!!!" Yes, i emotionally invest in the food shows i watch. No matter how loud i yelled at the tv in support of your plate, it appears that the 3 monkeys, (see no evil, speak no evil & hear no evil) didn't hear my protests. This series is going to drive me wild..the signs are already apparent!

  4. dearindira

    Dear Amanda,Yes the pressure test WAS insane. I have bought an icecream maker so I can retest myself again at home! IndiraHi Obliterator,No, my Bombe was way off target but I gave it my best shot. That's all you can do! IndiraHi Jo,As I have said put in that MasterChef application.'To have tried and failed is disappointing – to have never tried is tragic!' IndiraHi Suzan,If you can't laugh at yourself everyone else will!!! IndiraHi Why In The Heck, I hope you have better luck with your polenta than I did! IndiraHi Lee-Ann,Yes Lee-Ann, instead of 'The Young and the Restless' our episode featured the 'Old and The Hopeless'. Had fun though. IndiraHi Suziwong,I'm worried about you.If you're that emotionally involved after Episode One, you're going to need some serious therapy by the end of the series. Keep telling yourself it's just a television show….. Indira (P.S what am I saying?I may actually need some therapy after the Bombe Alaska incident)

  5. Anonymous

    IndiraYou were wonderful…but Jasmine (7 years old) could not sleep that night…She was beside herself and went through my CD collection and said I am never to listen to "x-ins" ever again!She was violated…What kind of silly dessert is a Bomb Alsaska anyway! Stay well and look forward to a catch up some time! Marika


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