Anahita Meat & Wine – Persian cuisine with flair

Persian cusine excites me like few other cuisines. The best of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Central Asia combined into a colourful array of salads, dips, grilled meats and stews.
Persian savoury dishes often contain fresh and dried fruit such as sultanas, figs, dried limes, lemon and pomegranate.
If you haven’t tried this exquisite food I recommend a visit to Anahita Meat and Wine in Lane Cove Sydney for a Sunday family brunch. At $25 a head it’s a steal.

salad bar at Anahita restaurant

hot stews and grilled meats
chickpea salad with lemon wedges
chargrilled lamb tenderloin marinated in lemon juice,onion, ground pepper and saffron
chargrilled green chillies
Chicken wings and legs with pepper and saffron
diced lamb stewed in a tomato sauce with dried lemon and split peas
grilled tomatoes
tabouli salad with parsley, tomatoes, burgul wheat and lemon juice
whole milk yoghurt
green leaf salad
lamb tenderloins, stewed with persian herbs, parsley, coriander, fenugreek,
tumeric, red kidney beans and olive oil
mixed bean salad
saffron ice cream with frozen rice noodles and rosewater sorbet
*thanks to my husband Mark FitzGerald for the mouthwatering photos 

6 thoughts on “Anahita Meat & Wine – Persian cuisine with flair

  1. Coby

    What a delight to see a buffet of foods that actually excites the palate! I've only ever known very tired looking displays of roasted meats and dull salads. That all looks so wonderful:) The yoghurt alone looks as luscious as any ice cream!

  2. rachel

    Yum! That salad with the limes in the first picture looks particularly nice! (are you ever tempted to ask for recipes at places like this?)Rachel 🙂

  3. dearindira

    Hi Coby, Anahita will not disappoint. IndiraHi Veronica, yes my husband Mark is a wonderful cameraman and photographer so why not use him when I can! IndiraHi Rachel, yes I am tempted to ask for recipes when they're not too busy and have time for a chat. Maybe during my next visit…. Indira


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