Wine and Cheese Arvo – The Aftermath

Well… the intention was to provide tasting notes for the wonderful array of cheeses and wines our friends brought around yesterday for our ‘Cheese and Wine Arvo’. That was the intention. Shall we say as the skies cleared and our heads became cloudy, taking photos just didn’t seem important. So this morning before the clearing up began I captured THE AFTERMATH.

6 thoughts on “Wine and Cheese Arvo – The Aftermath

  1. Coby

    LOL That's the largest cheese platter I have ever seen! Sounds like you had fun:) I have to admit I thought I 'got' that the little flags had info on the cheese until the 'dead pig' et!?

  2. dearindira

    Hi Coby,Yes the cheese platter is a 100 year old Dutch platter that I picked up from Cotton Love on Edgecliff Rd in Sydney. IndiraHi rhubenesque,the platter our friends brought also had some smoked salmon and salami on it hence the reference to dead pig and dead fish! IndiraHi suziwong66,glad you'd liked it. Indira

  3. dearindira

    Hi Tim,I read a little bit about your background on your blog. What fascinating experiences.Yes, we did have some amazing wines during our cheese arvo. Some lovely NZ pinot grigios, WA SBSs, and a delicious red from the Connawarra. Sadly I'm vague on the names – surprisingly!Indira


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