iCheese Slices

All this talk about cheese and iSnack has got me thinking….
The humble cheese slice is the scourge of every true cheese lover… right? Then why is it that my guiltiest cheese pleasure is peeling the plastic sheafing away from a square cheese slice, rolling it up into a cigar-shape and having a chomp. Is it the cheese stick memories from school, is it the way it sticks to your teeth, is it the glugly mouth-feel or is it simply not being able to identify whether it is animal, vegetable or mineral?
I’m sure even you gourmands out there have a cheese slice memory or recipe you want to share. A delectable packet of cheese slices for the best post – and two packets for the lamest post!

13 thoughts on “iCheese Slices

  1. Liss

    Oh my guilty pleasure when it comes to plastic cheese is that of the Kraft Cheddar in the blue box. Scary to think it doesn't even need to be refrigerated until you open the foil but – meh!I love it sliced up on saos. *drool* and then there's the good ol' Mac'n'cheese!

  2. deborah

    i'm 8 years old and my mum is having a sunday afternoon nap. i sneak into the kitchen for a snack. and make my favourite:grilled cheese on toast.it has to be white bread. buttered. toasted under the grill for a bit of brown. then the cheese slice until it bubbles and the edges are caramelised brown.eat it on the couch with my legs crossed under. breaking two rules at once. eating in front of the telivision and having my feet on the furniture.such a young rebel.

  3. Food.Baby

    When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to have junk food, so when we were out the best I could hope for was a toasted cheese sandwich … fluffy white bread, a smear of what was probably margarine and a few slices of 'plastic' cheese that stuck to your teeth when it was melted. Even 20+ years later I still remember how good it tasted! It just wouldn't be the same with real cheese.

  4. Leoni

    The best thing about the cheese slice is the totally plastic way it puffs up and bubbles under the griller. Then you end up with the hard outer layer and the soft gooey inner layer – a bit like a roasted marshmallow. A totally guilty pleasure that is best enjoyed with a cup of {gasp} instant coffee!

  5. rhubenesque

    I am with Rachel I am afraid, not a fan of plastic cheese at all. Big fat slices of melted 'Freddie Walker' in a white bread toasted sandwich was my childhood cheese dream.

  6. suziwong66

    i'm feeing ill at the thought of plastic cheese. You could leave the plastic sleeve on & there wouldn't be any difference in taste. Please don't choose me to win either one or two packs of this YUCK. eeeewwww. If i'm going down the supermarket track for my cheese then i'd choose King Island Smokey Cape served thinly sliced on thin slices of pink lady apple. YUM

  7. Christine

    Hi Indira. Plastic cheese reminds me of the oh-so-squishy, stretchy, orangey textured cheese inside nothing less than Maccas' famous Big Mac burgers. Yum!!

  8. dearindira

    Hi Cheesers,After some deliberation, the winner of the best plastic cheese post is deborah who totally captured life as an eight year old and the winner of the lamest post is Christine who not only admitted to liking plastic cheese but Macca's as well! Email me at dearindira@gmail.com if you rooly trooly want to claim your prize! Indira


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