Edible balcony update – Oct 15th

My edible balcony through the leaves of the Curry Leaf Tree
Tiny Tom Thumbs are flowering prolificly and I’ve counted about fifty fruit. The plant is about two metres high.
The larger Tub Tom variety has survived a caterpillar infestation (just) and is developing some strong looking fruit. The plant is about 1 1/2 metres high.
The baby beetroots are just peeking through.
The baby carrots have been affected by tight confines and are still very small.
Sugar snap peas are healthy although only about 20 flowers so far.
I’m harvesting the rainbow silverbeet regularly. The leaves are crisp and flavoursome.
The morning sun shining through the red-veined leaves.
Parsley is still small. I will move it into a sunnier spot.

5 thoughts on “Edible balcony update – Oct 15th

  1. deborah

    so impressive!its a week and i haven't killed my balcony garden. i am worried about bugs and now that i've re-potted my chilli plant, it looks a little worse for wear.any tips for potting plants… do you use seedlings or propagate your own? and how often do you water them?

  2. Cuggles! Kids

    Love seeing the 'fruit' of someone elses labour. We have a whole back yard, a dedicated vegie patch which sports dirt and some weeds and I only manage to harvest the parsley from a pot on the back deck. Oh, and the dog likes to harvest the grub-ridden peaches from the ground. Maybe if I spent less time sewing and baking… The photos look great as usual Indira.

  3. suziwong66

    DearIndira i love your balcony garden posts. I went looking, yet again, for a curry leaf tree…it's proving a fruitless [curryleafless] task. Instead i got 2 birdseye chilli plants and another hot variety. I finally laid to rest one of 2 remaining chilli trees: last summer just wasnt kind to it…aphid attacks and constant water restrictions in drought conditions. we're getting a Canon EOS 500D SLR this weekend and i'm looking forward to trying it out with my pot herb garden out the back. I soooooo want a curry leaf tree ….

  4. dearindira

    Hi Liss,thanks for your encouraging comment!IndiraHi deborah,I use a mix of seeds and seedlings. For the best results seeds seems to give a bigger tastier crop and prevent herbs such as coriander from bolting. IndiraHi Cuggles!Kids!,thanks for the comment about the photos. I'm slowly getting the hang of my new camera.Love the macro setting!IndiraHi suziwong66,I'm disappointed you still can't find a curry leaf tree but the chillies will be a treat and a digital SLR will give you knockout photos!Indira


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