Forget Domani

Forget Domani is a Frank Sinatra classic first recorded in 1965 for the Album: Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits Vol. 2. (Have a listen here
This album is one of the many in my friend Alicia’s incredible vinyl collection. Last night, as she served us an Eastern European feast, we listened to Italian tangos, French crooners and Russian balladeers – all on crackling LPs. It wasn’t difficult to forget about tomorrow…..
A twist on Russian blinis: crepes filled with cream cheese, caviar, dill and smoked salmon
Alicia’s Blini Recipe:
For crepes: 1 cup plain flour
1 cup full cream milk
1/2 cup olive oil
1 egg
For filling: smoked salmon,
cream cheese,
Mix flour and egg then add a little milk then a little olive oil until mixture resembles pouring cream. For best results cook crepes in an oiled crepe pan. Spread cooked crepes with cream cheese, caviar, dill and smoked salmon, roll, wrap in plastic wrap and chill. Slice into three towers on an angle and serve with a sprig of dill.
Lazslo Vichy’s Goulash with fried potato stack
Pickled chillies
sour cream
Raspberry couli with caramelised pear and vanilla ice-cream
Spinning around: Alicia’s record player
Vinyl revival
Crystal and candlelight

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