Chocolate-led recovery

I think I’ve mentioned my mother-in-law Gwen to you a few times. She is a one-off. No higher than a whirlpool washing-machine but with a similar G-force. Born on the same day 83 years ago as Queen Elizabeth II but with more airs and graces.She has Dame Edna’s brutual comic timing but a fear of the world beyond her white picket fence a la John Howard. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to help a stranger in need but “we have to keep those ‘illegals’ out of the country”. Our Gwen is a swirling mass of contradictions. The only thing that calms her (other than her medications) are desserts and chocolates. Amen to the Cook’s Garden in North Turramurra for their wonderful range of Colefax chocolates. Lunch today was a much more relaxed affair after they arrived.

5 thoughts on “Chocolate-led recovery

  1. suziwong66

    ummmm….i think i'll have 2 of everything thanx LOL. Yum, i think that was your best post yet! i'm biased here! My favourite chocolates are from a little chocky shop in Darwin called Pure Indulgence. The chocolates looked like a dark chocolate torpedo and they were filled with a cherry liquer liquid and a whole cherry. They were to die for. I miss the tropical weather of Darwin and those chocolates….[sighs]

  2. dearindira

    Hi suziwong66,Pure Indulgence chocs sounded delish – but you can keep the humidity! IndiraHi Liss,colefax chocolates are just about to launch a dangerous shopping concept.. on-line chocolate retail!Heaven help us! rhubenesque,In my experience choclate cravings never abate…Indira


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