Win a copy of MasterChef Australia MasterClass DVD

Well it’s that time of the week again. Tonight Miss Universe contestant Rachel Finch, SBS newsman George Negus and the Sydney Swans Ryan O’Keefe battle it out in Heat Five of Celebrity MasterChef.
What will they cook? Will Rachel be wearing a bikini? Will George be wearing a bikini?
For your chance to win a copy of the MasterChef MasterClass DVD (RR $39.99) just sign up as a follower of Saucy Onion and post an answer to this question –
‘Which MasterChef judge would you like to have around for dinner and why, and what would you cook for them?’
The Winner will be announced on Saucy Onion on Friday 30th October at 0900 EST time. (The judge’s decision is final and no negotiations will be entered in to – unless of course there’s an uzi involved and then maybe something can be arranged.)

15 thoughts on “Win a copy of MasterChef Australia MasterClass DVD

  1. rachel

    George, because I'd love the chance to have him sign his latest cookbook for me! I've always wanted to try my hand at making a ham lasagna with lots of nice cheeses in it and for dessert, Nigella Lawson's espresso cake with latte cream, that would be my menu!

  2. suziwong66

    Ooooh…for me it's less about who i'd most like to have around for dinner and more about an elimination process of who i'd least dislike sharing a meal with over my dining table LOL. First, i've have to strike out George. If he shared a meal with me holding his knife and fork the way he does and leaning over his plate like he does on tv i'd send him to the naughty corner til he could eat in a more dignified manner. Additionally i don't think i could sit through a meal with his Manglish…i'd uncontrolably cringe everytime he spoke…and lets face it, that would be rude of me! LOL The next person i could least put up with, would be Matt Cravat. I like MC but i don't think i could sit across the table from him and watch his tongue come out of his mouth when he takes a mouthful like he does on TV…that would drive me freakin nuts. Also, i'd have to give MC 'hair style' instructions before he came over…i only like his crown of glory when it's cut a little shorter and slightly brushed to the side….Yeah i know i'm a picky pain in the *ss. So that leaves Gary as the 'lucky' victim to share a meal with me and my family which includes Casper our very old golden lab. I'd cook him an Indian feast to share. We'd have a starter of karti rolls (chicken pieces marinated overnight in spicy yoghurt & cooked on skewers over coals. then wrapped in paratha with fresh chilli onion and lemon juice) out on the back patio. We'd eat outside on the hardwood setting my dad made and put out a selection of green masala chicken curry, prawn curry, barramundi curry, vegetable curry, steamed basmati rice and paratha to share. Later, after much talk about food i'd serve Gary pavolva topped with King Island cream, kiwi fruit, mandarin slices and passionfruit pulp. I'd explain to Gary, that even though the pav isn't at all vaguely indian it is one component of the whole meal and the whole meal represents us as a family. We are an Anglo-Indian family who have embraced our two birth cultures and blended them harmoniously so our children get the best of both worlds….Plus i have a glut of egg whites in the freezer that need using up, but Gary needn't know that LOL

  3. Suzan

    Oh gosh do I have to pick one? I'd like to meet them all. I think I would have to choose Matt Preston too. I think we could have a fun evening. His comments are sometimes unexpectedly priceless and I did so enjoy those moments.

  4. Lee-Ann

    My 2 children 8 & 10 yrs old love the show and love Matt, they call him Matt Cravatt and love his ad.We were talking the other night about the question you asked, So i will give you their answer, if it were up to them, they would serve Matt their speciality dishes – which means they choose I cook !Sebastian – Roast chicken and vegies, Madeline – chocolate pudding with lots of sauce and cream…

  5. Jo

    I too would have to say that Matt Cravat would be on my guest list…. phew that was the easy decision! As for what to cook for such a man that's a toughie as I could go either way..Extravagant…Baked brie with sundried tomatoesBraised Lamb Shanks with Red wine and cranberry sauce served with baby new potatoesDobos Torteor humble…mini dim sims and spring rollsbeans on toast with poached egg on topice cream with choc magic…Let's face it – it would be all about the company not the food!!LOL!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    I would have to choose Mr. Preston. His reaction to the basic emotions that are portrayed on a plate would be enough to make the night interesting and spark conversation. He is used to exquisite fine dining, so instead I would bring him a simple lamb roast with roast potatoes and pumpkin with a chocolate tart for dessert. Simple flavours, simple dining. No stress cooking. Nothing fancy, just uncomplicated home cooking that is oh so tasty.

  7. Vivian

    I love watching Masterchef and each judge makes such good food! So I'm unsure who to choose, but either way I don't mind. Because I am sure whoever comes around to my house I will enjoy the meal they cook!

  8. angela

    Gary..he's a sweetheart with such a cheeky grin. I'd do a perfectly med./rare home grown, grass-fed steak accompanied by a couple of salads from our own veggie patch with a bottle of Rutherglen's finest Durif …

  9. chrys

    Hmm.. this is one tough cookie of a question ! I think, I'd invite George Calombaris, yeah, because he holds his cutlery funny and I like the way he 'yeah's', yeah 😀 For this exciting occasion I'd "plate-up", for my entree: a fusion of spices and ingredients with an elegant Bouquet Chicken Curry and Spiced Yoghurt, yeah. An ancient Indian dessert shrikhand – a nice thickened milk candy- will top it off. Yeah, yeah and yeah to that 😛

  10. dearindira

    Hello you saucy lot!Thank you all for registering your comments. Special commendations to Angela and suziwong66 but the winner(s)of the MasterChef MasterClass DVD are Lee-Ann and her two children Sebastian and Madeline for their combined menu of roast chicken with vegies and chocolate pud for judge Matt 'Cravat'.Please email your postal address to and the DVD will be winging its way to you shortly! Indira


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