Edible Balcony – Melbourne Cup plantings

Am I the only person in Australian not thinking about the Melbourne Cup today? Possibly it’s sourgrapes. I have to finish a presentation today and won’t be going to any glamourous lunches … won’t even be part of an office sweep. Very un-Australian. Instead I will be watching my new tenants settle into their home. I’ve been reading that you get the best vegetables by growing them from seed rather than seedlings. Most of my plants are from seedlings so I thought I’d sow some seeds from a delicious Italian red pepper variety. I also potted some basil seedlings not seeds because I couldn’t wait that long to pick fresh basil leaves!

Corno Rosso – Italian Red Peppers
I love this pepper chargrilled and served with a sharp fetta cheese

No sign of life yet
I like using these fibreglass containers because they’re lightweight (unlike terracotta) and the dark colour really sets off the green foliage.

lots of basil .. but no Mr Fawlty
I’ve used the best nursery potting mix I could source and mixed in some organic mulch to give the basil plants more nutrients and thus better flavour.

You put basil in the ratatouille!
I love basil in homemade pesto, on bruschetta with fresh tomato and when I have a good bunch I’m going to trial a recipe I came across in delicious. magazine for a basil ice-cream.

7 thoughts on “Edible Balcony – Melbourne Cup plantings

  1. Liss

    You could make a version of Carlo's pepperonata too?!We've done most of our spring/summer garden this year from seed (we did mostly seedlings for autumn/winter) and I must say there's a special sense of achievement growing something from seed!If you'd like to have a look, our progress is up on my blog around midday xx

  2. rachel

    No, you're not the only one ignoring the Melbourne cup, I'm not interested either. Have had very little success with growing basil here in the past, so will be interested to hear how you keep yours alive!

  3. suziwong55

    I didn't even realise it was Melb. Cup day til i was in a meeting with my research supervisor and she asked who i was following; to which i responded "following for what?" LOL I'm so not even vaguely interested. One of my pots of basil is not doing so well but the other one seems to be okay…I'll be watching yours to see your success/failure.

  4. arista

    Maybe people who are into food aren't into racing? I ignore the Melbourne Cup too.You really are having a lot of success growing things on your balcony, I imagine you must give your plants a lot of love and attention. Basil ice cream sounds interesting.

  5. dearindira

    Hi Liss,pepperonata is a terrific idea. Also, I took a look at your garden and left a comment. The joy to have so much space and to be so well-organised. Lots to learn from you!IndiraHi Coby,Peppers lend themselves to a right ol' stuffing with whatever is close at hand I say!IndiraHi rachel,I've found basil needs plenty of sunshine and its own patch. Plenty of picking also encourgaes the crop to grow thick and bushy. We'll see how my new crop goes… IndiraHi suziwong55 (how did you lose 11?), good.. well its not only me forgetting the unforgettable! IndiraHi Colours of the Outback,Another pepper fan… Great IndiraHi arista,love and attention or obsessive neurosis as my husband calls it! No actualy if you just set aside ten minutes every day you can usually water, feed and stop any pest infestation before it gets hold. It's that daily vigilance that requires discipline however!Indira


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