EQ Farmers Market – Fox Studios

If there was one place I could visit and never leave it would be a food market. Preferably a daily one piled high with produce, people and filled with excited chatter. Those who would rather shop in sterile, cold bunkers under garish fluorescent lights just haven’t given farmers markets a chance. Nowadays even big cities are well-serviced by several weekly markets. My regular markets (while I’m waiting for my edible balcony to get going!) are the Entertainment Quarter Farmers Markets at Fox Studios (Wednesdays, Saturdays), the Kings Cross Markets every Saturday and the Good Living Pyrmont Markets the first Saturday of every month.Go on! Get out into the fresh air and go to your nearest farmers market. Go to a stall, grab a mango, squeeze it and deeply inhale its exotic scent. Don’t worry no-one will think you’re strange – they’re all doing it too!
The EQ Farmers Markets are under cover
 This stall, as you enter, sells imported French pates and terrines and woven shopping baskets.Merci!
Their duck rillettes on a baguette crouton makes an elegant canape
Get advice direct from the farmers and growers
This is a new wonderful organic vegetable stall
organic broccolini
organic radishes
Portobello mushrooms as big as saucers
I buy all my Asian greens here
 how glossy are these eggplants?
wild garlic
those mangoes I was telling you about…
..where Carmen Miranda shops…
They’re right.. these are really sweet.
free-range eggs from Nixon produce in Wilton
a free range pig is a tasty pig
smoked ham, bacon, sausages, pork racks and schnitzels
fresh pesto dips
pesto – my favourite condiment
Pastabilities does the best range of frozen pasta I’ve come across. Great quick meal when the cupboard is bare.
gluten-free cakes and muffins
this brownie is one of their best sellers
Pies and quiches baked fresh in the morning
…and don’t get me started on their tarts..
hubba bubba! I tried one of these – chewy, chocolately and salty

bite-size delights from Cupcake Princess to have on the way home

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3 thoughts on “EQ Farmers Market – Fox Studios

  1. Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella

    Great coverage of the markets (which are really closeby to me thankfully). The wild garlic and the acid free pineapples are just begging to be tried. Such a shame we couldn't meet at the interview this past weekend. I saw you at the Becasse Producer's Lunch with Carlos Petrini. Next time I shall definitely say hello! 🙂

  2. dearindira

    hi Lorraine,Oh sorry i missed meeting you! Wasn't it a terrific occasion? Maybe I'll see you at the Fox Markets? Indirahi arista,Oh how I drive my husband mad with my food market obsession. We even have to stop at roadside vegie stalls! Once you go to a good one you'll be hooked. Indira


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