Edible Balcony – Vegetable and Herb Bouquet

Our dear friends Helen and Dann (and little Jones) treated us to lunch at their place in Harris Park in Western Sydney today. Instead of flowers I thought I’d take them an Edible Balcony tasting pack.
It contained my first ripe carrot, the first bunch of ripe cherry tomatoes, several rainbow silverbeet stems, some sugar snap peas, curry leaves, basil, rosemary, thyme, mint and oregano.
the greens were crisp and squeaky fresh
the cherry tomatoes looked picture perfect while the carrot was squat and gnarled – or full of ‘character’ as I prefer to describe it
Helen generously cooked up my solitary carrot as part of her delicious beef wellington with baked vegies lunch. I know I sound a little like a boastful mother but it was the best tasting carrot anyone in the history of the world has ever tasted (mostly down to Helen’s prowess as a chef no doubt !)

8 thoughts on “Edible Balcony – Vegetable and Herb Bouquet

  1. Liz

    That's such a great idea. I love seeing what you get out of your edible balcony – I hope one day we'll have a balcony (or, heaven forbid, a backyard!) and can do the same 🙂

  2. dearindira

    Hi Liz,I'm sure one day you'll have some space to grow your own vegies – if Train concurs of course! IndiraHi Lee-Ann,Yes the carrot was carefully dissected into four pieces giving us each a few mouthfuls! IndiraHi Jo-Ann,yes I'm very happy with the basil. It's really enjoying full sunlight and a regular feed with liquid seaweed fertilizer. IndiraHi Amanda,glad you like the practicality of the vegie bouquet. Just as beautiful as flowers but after your eyes and nose have a feast … so can your tummy!IndiraHi suziwong66,Helen was so thrilled her beef wellington got such a great response. She said it was so simple she didn't really follow a recipe – just wrapped a piece of beef fillet spread with pate in some puff pastry … and viola! I think she's underselling her dish because it was delicious. IndiraHi arista, I'm with you. Vegetable bouquets for all my family and friends from now on!IndiraHi Bonnie,glad you like the vegie bouquet idea. The only problen is they won't last as long as flowers. Have to eat them straight away! Indira


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