Glebe Point Diner

The danger of living in cosmopolitan Potts Point is that rarely do you feel the need to ever venture out. When you’re surrounded by some of the best Thai, Italian and seafood restaurants, food stores, delis, wine merchants and farmers markets it takes something pretty exceptional to prise you away.
Last night that ‘something exceptional’ was the 50th birthday celebrations in Glebe of our dear friend George.
George has accompanied us on many of our eating adventures across the country and across the globe – and may there many more!
George’s dos are always big drinking occasions so we fuelled up beforehand at the nearby Glebe Point Diner. This neighbourhood gem has style and quirk in equal doses. The staff could all be extras in a David Lynch film. But the real stars come out on the plates – dishes that explode with freshness and unexpected matchings. This is a good reason to leave Potts Point more regularly.
crispy battered zucchini flowers stuffed with three cheeses
crunch and ooze
hand-churned butter with housemade bread with caramel crust
herb-crumbed Crystal Bay prawns
roast pork with creamy mashed potato and rhubarb
crackling to die for
this free-range biodynamic piggy tastes like it had a happy life
Humptydoo barramundi with clams and peas

couldn’t have been fresher if you had plucked it from the sea yourself

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