Edible Balcony – Early December Harvest

Since we’ll be away for three weeks I thought I’d harvest the ripe vegetables and give them to our lovely concierge who’lll be looking after watering responsibilities in our absence. Over 5 kilos of produce! Not bad for a balcony, eh? And the colours of the tomatoes with the carrots and beetroot are breathtaking….

4 thoughts on “Edible Balcony – Early December Harvest

  1. Magdalene

    They look yummily fantastic!!!!! We started a vegetable and herb garden some 10 weeks ago – loving it!!! we haven't had the need to buy salad veggies anymore from the supermarket. Home-gown produce always taste better! Fresh is definitely best!

  2. Simon

    Are those short, stubby orange things meant to be carrots? Are they meant to look like that or had the amount of room in the pot have something to do with its length, or rather lack thereof?


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