El Dorado Kitchen, Sonoma, California

Last Sunday morning was an opportunity to explore the wider San Franciscan Bay area incuding Sonoma wine country. On the way an obligatory stop at the Golden Gate Bridge to take some ‘I was here’ snaps. Like all great iconic structures I wasn’t prepared for the sheer scale and size of it – almost double the height of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. And the colour of the bridge was quite an unexpected vibrant burnt orange red.
San Francisco is a geographically beautiful city although it is often obscured by dense fogs
The pretty wine town of Sonoma is about one hour’s drive from San Francisco. On the main town square is the El Dorado – a boutique restaurant, bar, cafe and hotel that combines East Hamptom style with Santa Monica laidbackness. We kicked back here for a few hours when the weather started to turn.
local valley hand-churned butter
I’ve become a huge fan of Sonoma’s Russian River Valley wines
Burgers usually don’t hold any attraction for me but this one – made from local beef – was juicy and chargrilled on apple chips
My husband Mark took this delicious burger shot that would make even a vegan salivate
Organic egg omlette filled with goats cheese and spinach
time to head back….
…as the rain starts to pelt down…
an evening rugged up in bed watching cable sounds good!

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