Brooklyn – The Day I Ate Two Lunches

Manhatta – the original Indian name for Manhattan Island
New York consists of many burroughs but rarely do visitors venture out of the Manhattan Island district. Brooklyn has become quite a hip enclave since my last trip and a walking tour reveals some wonderful brownstone architecture and the best views of the Manhattan skyline. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade – built literally above the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway – is an invigorating way to take in the Statue of Liberty, East River and the Brooklyn Bridge.
The Brooklyn Bridge was an engineering feat for its time.
The disused wharves on the waterfront are being transformed into parkland, sports complexes and marinas
We had planned to have lunch at The River Cafe but the line outside the famous Grimaldis Pizzeria just up the road tempted us inside for an appetiser. To be fair, there’s nothing like walking in below freezing temperatures to build the appetite.
I’d read that Frank Sinatra was such a fan of Grimaldis Pizza that he had it flown in to wherever in the country he was performing. A good yarn… possibly marketing spin (little did I know..).
From the outside you wouldn’t know the gastronomic treat that lay within.
The place is packed with locals, tourists and a couple of guys that look like they’ve just walked off The Sopranos set.
The pizza chefs carry out their craft with a nonchalant laid-backness
Grimaldis believes it is their coal-fired oven that gives their pizzas its crunchy crust and characteristic smokiness.
We order the simple Marguerita with extra garlic.
Wow! Lives up to the hype. Stringy cheese, fresh tomato sauce and minty basil leaves. Oh and that crust!Combined with the extra garlic hit we are in mobster heaven!
Absolutely worth a trek to Brooklyn just to experience pizza the way they use to make it in the ol’ country.
Now onto Lunch No 2 at the River Cafe.
The River Cafe is situated right on the Brooklyn waterfront under the Brooklyn Bridge and must have one of the best views in the world.

We grab a perch at the bar first to soak in that glorious vista….

The Big Apple behind the big strawberry
Manhattan through a Moscato..
Overwhelmed by the location we decadently order a dozen oysters which come freshly shucked with a lemon and black pepper granita.
The granita is a delicious accompaniment to the saltiness of the oysters.
And while we’re being gluttoness why not order the ‘Lobster and Lobster’ which is a chunk of lobster claw served with a lobster brioche sandwich.
Petit Fours: bite-size gingerbread men, chocolate-coated toffee and some almond biscuits.
Where did we find the room?
And that, my friends, was the day I ate two lunches.

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