Edible Balcony – Concierge deserves medal

Like a parent whose child loved summer camp mainly because you weren’t there, I have come back to an Edible Balcony that has thrived in my absence.
Our building concierge Daryl – with a little help from his colleague Chris – has worked magic. The plants have erupted into a healthy jungle of leaves and flowers. No sign of the 40 degree days I fretted about while I was in the States. I am so relieved! All that was needed from me was a little seaweed fertiliser, a prune of the dried stalks from the tomato plants and a few squirts of Pest Oil on the basil leaves to keep some aphids at bay. It was a very happy reunion….
not missed at all it seems
The Curry Leaf tree just keeps on erupting in this heat.
the herbs and vegies along the glass balcony wall were lush and glossy
My little buddha kept a watchful eye over the herbs
The last of the tomatoes. Daryl said he picked about 5 kgs while we were away.
He couldn’t believe how sweet the cherry toms were and has convinced his wife to make some room in their garden for a few tomato plants.
The rainbow chard was resplendent in its Christmas colours
There’s now almost enough basil for me to try out that recipe I found for basil ice-cream
the nastursiums are tumbling out of their hanging basket – wonder how long before they flower?
the strawberries have sent out five runners
I popped in 4 long black eggplant seeds before I left and they’ve germinated and are looking strong and healthy

5 thoughts on “Edible Balcony – Concierge deserves medal

  1. arista

    Oh that's great – I have to admit I thought your vegies might look a little tattered but Daryl and Chris have done a great job. Maybe the little Buddha had a good effect too.


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