Lunch at Velero, Woolloomooloo

Oh, it is so good to be back in the ‘hood. I’ve missed the hard-working ferries chugging along the harbour, the cool shade from the rustling plane trees along Macleay Street, the buzzy cafes, the excited tourists snapping scenes I’ve long taken for granted.Sometimes I think the best thing about travel is that it makes you see your home, friends and family in a new light. Distance certainly makes the heart grow fonder.
And fond I am indeed of my friends Andrew and Sean.Today we all took advantage of that glorious sun we’ve missed so much and chowed down on a tapas lunch at Velero on Finger Wharf at Woolloomooloo. To friendship!

the spread
manchego sheep’s milk cheese with jamon and quince paste 
Frito Mixto –  Deep fried cuttlefish, zucchini flowers and lemon and aioli
wonderful ooze and texture
Pan-fried Barramundi with spinach, tomatoes and pickled zucchini
Didn’t get to try Sean’s meal but he loved the flavours and the meaty fillet
Cochinillo Asado: Roast suckling pig with chorizo, cavello nero and borlotti beans.

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