Seaside Cottages, Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

Sadly it’s time to head back up the coast to Sydney  – but not before a stop at one of the most idyllic hideaways on the planet.
The tour operators will tell you that Hyams Beach is famous for it’s entry in the Guinness Book of Records for the whitest sand in the world. True that may be. It’s pretty white. But its cool, crystal, clear waters have to been seen to be believed. To swim in these waters is to relive some of the better moments from Blue Lagoon.Not a stone on the beach. Not a piece of seaweed or debris in the ocean. Just deep refreshing endless water.
We snaffled some last minute accommodation at the Hyams Beach seaside cottages one street away from the beach.
The pastel-coloured ,weatherboard cottages were originally built to house seasonal whalers and fishermen.
After undergoing extensive renovations they are now a very comfortable getaway for couples.
Digital TV and heater in the lounge…
A lovely verandah to sit on while you have your morning cuppa and listen to the parrot symphony in the overhead gums.
A little kitchen with all the essentials – electric frying pan, toaster, microwave, fridge and crockery
Another comfy bed and great large shower
Off in the morning for a little dolphin spotting. We had to go as far out as the headlands to Point Perpendicular.
two hours and still no sign of the little critters…..
..and then a pod surfaces….

2 thoughts on “Seaside Cottages, Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay

  1. dearindira

    hi rachel,If you love dolphins and whales apparently the best time to go to Jervis Bay is in October. There's a veritable traffic jam of mums and new bubs right in the harbour. I think i'll go back again then. Indira


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