Edible Balcony – Australia Day BBQ

When it comes to Australia Day I’m a proud traditionalist. Nothing but a barbeque will do. So for lunch we cranked up the Baby Q Weber, threw on a few snags while we watched the
celebrations on the harbour.
This was effortless cooking on a hazy and humid day.
… on went a few pork toulouse sausages from Fratelli Fresh and a few garlic, rosemary and lamb ones in honour of Sam Kekovich!
the Weber did another sterling job….
I served the sausages halved, wrapped in some sourdough bread with onions and tomato sauce.
Needless to say they were delicious – smokey and aromatic…
For the salad I tossed together some balcony tomatoes, purple and lemon basil and a tore off a few chunks of fresh buffalo mozzarella (store bought… sadly no room for a buffalo on the balcony – yet!) dressed simply with some Jervis Bay olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar.
It was a good day to be Australian.

6 thoughts on “Edible Balcony – Australia Day BBQ

  1. joolzmac

    Happy Australia Day, Indira!We love our Baby Q too – great for taking to the beach as it keeps the sand out if it's windy and it also keeps the food hot once you've finished cooking.Looks your like your Aussie Day was a pearler!Cheers – Joolz

  2. john@heneedsfood

    I raise my glass to you. Cheers and Happy Australia Day. A baby Weber Q is the next purchese for us as the old batalax bbq is taking up the back courtyard like a double decker bus. Time to down-size I reckon!

  3. Coby

    I agree a barbie is THE way to celebrate Australia Day (lunch *and* tea in our case). That salad, especially with the choice of herbs must have been the perfect foil for the snags. LOL Arista!

  4. Highlands Foodie

    What better to celebrate Australia Day than with a bbq? And what a view too…I'd have been happy eating carboard with that glorious panorama before me. I am envious!P.S Only discovered your blog a few weeks ago and have spent some time enjoying all the older posts. Great stuff Indira!

  5. dearindira

    Hi joolzmac,yes …don't know why we didn't get one sooner. can't wait to take it out on its first outing. IndiraHi john,Hope you had a good Australian Day too. Our baby Q replaced our 6 burner tank BBQ and we've never looked back. Not only is it compact it cooks superbly. Raost chook is always succulent with a crispy skin. IndiraHi arista,made me laugh! If it wasn't for my husband I would probably be tempted to smuggle a few chooks up here! IndiraHi Highlands Foodie,Delighted to have you following Saucy and yes we are very spoilt with our vista. Indira


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