Edible Balcony – First Zucchini Flower

Apologies for my week-long absence from the blogosphere. I have been spending way too much time in the ‘real’ world tackling a lengthy writing assignment.
I’ve emerged briefly to update you on the zucchini plants which are taking over the balcony like triffids.
From tiny sprouts on February 17th the 3 zucchini plants have now filled the eastern corner of the balcony
I will move them to the roomy western end when I’ve cleared out the two tomato pots later this week.
I can see why zucchinis have an easy-to-grow reputation
With no problems so far from pests or mildew there are already dozens of flower stalks
In fact this one may be ready to pick by Friday
softly wrapped orange-tinged petals sitting on a tiny zucchini stalk 
Even the large papery leaves seem to grow as you watch them.
These definitely get my vote for the vegetable any dummy can grow!

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