Petersham Nurseries/Restaurant, London

My visit to the famous Petersham Nurseries in Richmond London was probably one of my most magical experiences of the year so far.
An acre of greenhouses, flowers and edibles left this gardening foodie swooning.
A cart of herbs
Petersham Nurseries has become a learning centre for gardeners and chefs
Gardeners are encouraged to re-engage with nature through the food they grow, cook and eat
one of the huge glasshouses has been converted into a dirt-floored restaurant
Beautifully styled with potted plants, bamboo curtains and rustic tables and chairs
The kitchen is literally in the shed at the back
It’s humble appearance belies the extraordinary quality of the dishes it turns out
..all under the detailed eye of head chef Skye Gyngell
I started with a rose petal prosecco
Some fresh rye bread with tangy butter
For entree fresh milky buffalo mozzarella with a lemon zest lemon oil, agritti and chopped red chilli. Big flavoured with beautifully harmonious textures.
The agritti is similar in texture to samphire – slightly crunchy and slippery
Italian cutlery
Then I tried the lemon risotto with San Daniele proscuitto
Flavours terrific, proscuitto melt-in-your-mouth and salty but rice grains a little too bitey for my liking.
For more of Skye’s wonderful seasonal cooking look out for her cookbook ‘A Year In My Kichen’

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