Paris – Vincennes Markets

Ahhh….. Barcelona is but a dream now. We’re back in Paris in the suburb of Vincennes where Laure lives with her partner Leo.
Hi Leo!
We’re shopping for lunch. I know – sorry to subject you to yet ANOTHER market. Can you tell I’m obssessed?
Beautiful blooms…..

… delicious salamis and wines from the rugged mountains of Corsica (Laure’s home island). We bought some wild boar saucisson
 under the menacing eye of this Corsican stallholder.
But it was the melons we were looking for. June is peak season for France’s famous Cavaillon melons grown in the rich soils of Provenance.
They have the most bewitching perfume simliar to Turkish delight…
And a juicy flesh like no melon you’ve tasted before…
And for lunch we feasted like kings……. on Cavaillon melon, Spanish jamon from Barcelona, fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese with tomato and basil and French champagne.
Au revoir Paris!

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