Launceston – The Reunion

Not hard to spot me in the class photo is it? Tasmania in 1980 wasn’t very multicultural.
When some of us met up for lunch at Mud Bar on Saturday time had certainly passed. But not to us.
Old reminiscents, shared memories, anecdotes about detentions and odd teachers made 1980 feel as recent as yesterday.
After lunch I revisited my old home in Beulah Gardens, East Launceston….

and the old school grounds which is now the junior school…
The reunion dinner that night was held in the assembly hall
small things amuse small minds….
the girls had arrived ready to party..
I had the honour of giving the toast from the stage before dinner… although Libby had a better technique.

As the alcohol flowed…
we became nostalgic….

the words to the school war cry were debated…
and then – as is the tradition with all reunions – we got really silly…

What an amazing group of women. Smart, gorgeous and sassy. I already miss them.

2 thoughts on “Launceston – The Reunion

  1. Dee

    A first year reunion of the class of 1972 is being planned at NHS (yes, I was gone before you arrived) is being planned…. do I go / not go ??? I haven't kept in touch with any one at all so it could be verrry interesting….


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