Video of first beans

Well folks a technological achievement to rival man’s first walk on the moon; I’ve just uploaded the first video onto Saucy Onion with directing inspiration from James Cameron.
These are my first beans… heirloom long purple snake beans. The vines have taken a battering from the spring electrical storms but have still managed to flower and fruit on their climbing poles. No doubt my yields will be down. I’ve moved them into a more sheltered position on the balcony to hopefully encourage more fruiting

2 thoughts on “Video of first beans

  1. Jamie

    Wow, Indira, you videoed (is that a word?) your beans. A breakthrough in garden blogging. I like grazing on beans. Pick, munch. Pick, munch. Until the full crop came in hardly any made it back into the kitchen. But I also like grazing on cherry tomatoes, snow peas and sugar snaps (and, a few years ago, little asparagus were a similarly yummy munchie too).

  2. internationalroutier

    Purple beans are great. Be warned (many apologies if you know already) they will lose their colour when cooked. I recommend sitting next to the vine with a beer and a bowl of hommous and eating them as you pick them. Mmm, crunchy!


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