Edible Balcony – autumn update

Well, a rare appearance from moi surrounded by my herbs and vegies. I’m thrilled by my late season crop of tomatoes – cherry in the foreground and grape and sweet bite against the back wall. All sweet and delicious and no whitefly problems. Will definitely be growing these varieties next year.The butter lettuce has been thriving. No bug attack yet. At my feet is the candy-striped beetroot that should be ready to harvest from next week. Behind me are the dwarf lemon tree, the rhubarb, herbs, silverbeet, and the cavolo nero (tuscan cabbage) on the vertical wall.
Time to start thinking about what to put in for winter.
Maybe some carrots where the tomatoes are now and some asian greens when the lettuces are finished?

8 thoughts on “Edible Balcony – autumn update

  1. dearindira

    Hi Three-cookies – thanks for the link to this article. How inspirational! Will be interesting to see how financially viable this model is in the long-term.Indira

  2. deborah

    I really enjoy your edible balcony posts! I've had years of mixed results, but now seem to have found a groove with my tiny balcony "garden". A curry leaf is growing nicely and recently re-potted so I'm hoping it will love its new home even more. Finally I've had some herbs last the summer heat, so fingers crossed they'll make it through the colder months. Sadly my lemon tree has not – any tips?

  3. dearindira

    Hello Deborah,So glad to hear you are also experimenting with balcony farming. It is a case of trial and error I'm afraid. My lemon tree has caused me consternation from time to time – first a black fungus attack and then strong winds which wiped out all the new flower blossoms. They don't like any mulching or competition from nearby plants, keep out of strong winds; they like full sun but in sheltered positions, fertilise according to instructions with citrus feed, keep moist but don't overwater.Persevere and you will see good results. Good luck ! Indira

  4. deborah

    Hi Indira, Thanks – your info is very useful! I think my lemon tree suffered from over watering! I'm starting again with a lime and lemon – will pot separately and try to give them plenty of sun and citrus feed. Fingers crossed!

  5. Women's Business

    Hey you Saucy Onion You! I love reading your blog and seeing how your balcony is developing. I especially loved the butterfly post. Sometimes those little signs make the day make sense.


    Hi Indira, Requested your'' Edible Balcony'' Book for my birthday and hubby came up trumps what a gem it is, love it so much my hours are filled with reading it and attending to moi garden,I too suffer from C.P.S.A. lol. Thank you, for producing a wonderful book hopefully I don't need to wait long for the next one.Happy Gardening.


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