The Edible Balcony – It’s now a book!

Dear Saucy Onion readers,

Since 2009 you’ve all been following the ups and downs of life on my Edible Balcony. Well, now you can buy the book! My book The Edible Balcony will be published by Penguin Lantern in November 2011.
You can keep up to date with all the news about the book on The Edible Balcony Book blog.
I’ll let you know about my book tour, appearances, and competitions to win your copy.

My first posting is about how I got my first book deal. Here’s the link :

8 thoughts on “The Edible Balcony – It’s now a book!

  1. Liss

    Woot! Penguin are picking up great bloggers – this is fantastic news, look forward to seeing it on sale!!! Go you!

  2. joolzmac

    I have been a fan of Edible Balcony since you started. How exciting for you! Well done and I can't wait to get a copy, the preview looks amazing! :)Cheers – Joolz

  3. dearindira

    Yes joolzmac,you have been one of Saucy's most ardent followers and Saucy appreciates it!thank you for all your support and encouragement. Indira

  4. dearindira

    Dear accoure,Thank you for being such a saucy reader and for your support. I hope you enjoy the book and will reccomend it to others! IndiraDear Liss,You and your garden have been such an inspiration to me. Thank you for following and supporting Saucy – and for buying the book when it is out, best, IndiraDear rachel,you wondered right!I didn't wnat to say anything until after the book was finished. I hope you enjoy it. all the best, Indira

  5. Adrienne

    Congratulations Indira. Thousands of naked balconies will thank you once their owners read your book and realise the possibilities. Thank you for your inspiring words and pictures…Best wishes, love from Adrienne

  6. Anonymous

    Indira love your book. Fantastic….. cannot wait to explore. Read the first page today…and thought i felt just like you felt when you tasted that tomato :)Edible love always Lavinia


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