The Edible Balcony – today

This is what the Edible Balcony looks like 60 days later on November 19th.
The tomatoes are sprawling barely contained by their stakes
The first juicy fruit will be ready to harvest in a week

The lemon tree flowers have turned into new fruit buds and the herbs are thriving in this burst of early summer heat..
And a new tenant – courtesy of Eden Gardens – is a pomato. It’s a plant created by grafting a tomato vine onto a potato plant. When the tomato has flowered and fruited, you can dig up your crop of potatoes!
Perfect for small space gardening.

12 thoughts on “The Edible Balcony – today

  1. thegreenbackyard

    That pomato reminds me of the tomacco plants Homer grew on The Simpsons, too funny!I love your new book, I was given it for my 39th birthday on the weekend. The recipes look divine, and the information looks very useful. Thanks.

  2. Anitra Morgana

    I'd be interested to hear about any experiences with using mulch if you've needed it on your balcony. Most purchased mulch just seems too large for pots.Also, do you have any good ideas about composting for apartment living.Thank youregardsAnitra

  3. Jo

    Hi IndiraLove your blog & requested & received your book for Christmas. I am now e xpanding my balcony garden based on your experiences & working my way through your recipes. Thank you for inspiring me to be more sustainable. I look forward to following your adventures in 2012Jo

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Indira, congratulations on a fantastic blog and new book. You definitely had me inspired when I first came across your blog a few months ago. Since then, my little edible balcony has had its moments. The kids have enjoyed the small harvest of tomatoes and beans although I was rather disappointed. I have since moved some of the fruit-bearing plants to a much sunnier part hoping for a bigger yield over the next few months. This time, it will be west facing. Not ideal but will have to do for now. I'm totally gobsmacked about the size of your tomato plants! May I ask what size pots are they growing in? Cheers, Jo

  5. dearindira

    Dear Anitra, I use pebbles as mulch. They look attractive, don't get blown away in the wind and you can purchase them in small bags to suit your balconys small needs. As far as composting goes I'm just about to invest in a worm farm. It will use my balcony and kitchen green waste and provide me with nutritious worm juice for my plants.


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