Cafe Dov – Potts Point’s best edible garden

Cafe Dov is fast becoming a Potts Point institution.

Now it’s hyper-energetic owner Tim Petersen has expanded the eatery to include an edible courtyard.

The old car-port and storage area has been transformed into a groovy, relaxing outdoor space – the DOV garden.

Can’t you picture your Sydney garden party here? The multi-talented Mr Petersen even turned his hand to some carpentry knocking together this rustic table.

There are trellised cherry tomatoes in recycled plastic tubs..

They’re thriving in the protected courtyard…

… and occasionally find their way onto the menu..

There are tubs of soft-leafed rocket…

And an array of herbs to perk up dishes from the kitchen…
Thyme, taragon and mint…

…and more mint.

..filling the space with refreshing aromas…
… flowers including pansies to attract insects..
… and to add colour to the garden..
a potted bay tree
..all thriving amongst the hub-bub of Victoria Street.
A special space in a special part of the city. Book your table today.

4 thoughts on “Cafe Dov – Potts Point’s best edible garden

  1. dearindira

    Hi thegreenbackyard,Yep there certainly are a lot of herbs. I love how Tim has recycled his cafe's storage containers and used salvaged pieces of timber and metal to create his little oasis! Indira


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