Handyman Covergirl – The Edible Balcony Book

There are a long list of magazines I never thought I would ever make the cover of. Handyman Magazine, which is stocked in hundreds of Bunnings hardware outlets across Australia, was definitely one of them.
Look out for the 2012 February issue which features a special on my Edible Balcony book.
Just goes to show that more and more people are making the switch to homegrown – even when they only have a small space garden. Join the movement today.

8 thoughts on “Handyman Covergirl – The Edible Balcony Book

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Indira, a copy of your book has just arrived today. Have been reading it on my lunch break and have to say not much work getting done today. Plenty of thought going into the design of a planter box. I'm just hoping that the western end of our south facing but well lit balcony will get enough sun. Assuming that is that it ever stops raining in Sydney!! Thank you for helping to give direction to the inspiration! Alistair

  2. dearindira

    Hi Alistair, thanks for your message. And so wxcited that you have a copy of The Edible Balcony. And good luck with your garden. Maybe start with some mint and rocket which don't need much light. x Indira

  3. Anonymous

    Hi IndiraWay to go covergirl. Love the pic.My best friend gave me a copy of your book for Christmas and I have spent many happy hours over the last month planning and prepping my balcony for the my foray into apartment gardening this weekend. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful resource.Bec H

  4. dearindira

    Dear Bec H,Thank you for getting in touch. Always thrilled to hear from someone who has bought the book and started their own edible garden.Good luck and keep in touch! warm regards, Indira

  5. Sam

    Hi Indira,I really loved your book — it inspired me to set up a few pots of vegies in my courtyard after a bit of a dismal flop in the front yard. So far I've been enjoying some lovely fresh greens and a few tomatoes 🙂 and I think the plants love having a shadier spot away from the extremely hot full sun we have here in Perth.Thanks again for the inspiration, and happy gardening!Sam


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