Worm Potpurri

I wish I had room on my balcony for a worm farm. But alas there is only so much you can do with 20 square metres!
The next best thing is to adopt some worms. My friend Aymeric has a colony of very happy worms on his balcony two floors above me. And all they need is lots of organic green waste – and that’s something I have in bag-fulls.
So every week or so I deliver a bag of delicious worm ‘potpurri’ for Aymeric’s worms and in return he gives me their worm juice to feed my plants. Worm juice is a wonderful nutrient-rich fertiliser that worms produce as a by-product of their metabolism. It’s so much better than the synthetic fertilisers on the market.
So even in an apartment block we’ve managed to create our little own biodynamic cycle.

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