The Big Feed

Keeping your plants healthy can seem
like a constant battle. Too much rain, not enough sun, pests undermining all your good work.

As a balcony gardener I’ve found that keeping your plants well-fed strengthens their root systems and defences so they are better able to tolerate fluctuating conditions.

This morning every pot got a good dose of Dynamic Lifter. This fertiliser comes in pellet form and needs to be well-watered in. It’s a little pongy at first because it contains nutritious chicken manure, seaweed and fish emulsions – everything a hungry edible loves. But the smell disappears within a few minutes after application.
My plants are already glowing.

4 thoughts on “The Big Feed

  1. Sally

    Your garden is looking so good.The problem we have here in Perth is that over the summer the temperatures are too hot to feed plants regularly. Now though is the perfect time to get all the plants well feed and healthy.

  2. meg

    Impressive capsicums and tomatoes, mine didn't do too well this year,I suspect because of all the rain. I wonder if you are able to control the conditions of your garden more as it must be more protected. When I get the time and remember to do constant feeding, eg every 2 weeks or so, the plants go nuts. You can really see the difference.

  3. dearindira

    Dear Laura a.k.a rah,RE: worm juice – if you live in Sydney you can get some from me. Just email me and we'll arrange a meet up. b, indiraDear Sally, yes hasn't this unpredictable weather been a challenge for gardeners. Hope you get a good spell soon.b, IndiraDear Meg,yes I am lucky because my balcony is sheltered so not much rain gets in. Makes all the difference!b, Indira


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