Worm Farm

Fresh from an inspiring weekend presenting at the Sustain Expo at Moore Park in Sydney, I’ve decided to install a worm farm. The Tumbleweed company were demonstrating a compact cylindrical unit called ‘Can ‘o Worms’.(www.tumbleweed.com.au) It’s a perfect size for a balcony. It gets delivered next week. I just have enough room to squeeze it in between the BBQ and the tap!
Can’t wait to have my own fresh supply of worm juice for my edibles. Speaking of which…. during the next few weeks I’ll need to start preparing some of the winter pots for their new spring tenants. It can be tedious work – digging out the old potting mix and replacing it with new soil, manure and compost – but I keep focussing on all those delicious edible crops that will soon be filling my balcony … more cherry and grape tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, big pots of basil, carrots and radishes. Delicious Spring feasts await. In the meantime my current tenants are enjoying the burst of sun this morning

3 thoughts on “Worm Farm

  1. MissPiggy

    Excellent – thank you! You inspired me to create my own balcony garden you know. Harvested my 1st crop recently…it's on my blog if you're keen to have a look at what you've inspired.


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