Worms get a feed

I’ve had my Tumbleweed worm farm for about 2 months now and all seems to be going well. My husband loves to say to our friends – ‘ Indira has worms’.

The worms have settled in and are now usefully converting our kitchen scraps and garden cuttings into highly nutritious worm juice and castings.

They’re fussy eaters though. Mine prefer potato and pumpkin peels, tea bags and egg shells. We can’t dispose of all our kitchen waste through the farm but since we’re only a two-person household we don’t generate that much either.

Keeping them cool on a sunny balcony has been a challenge . Since the sun hits the farm most mornings I’ve erected an umbrella to provide added shade. I also give them a good wetting down with the hose every week to keep them damp. Worms enjoy a very moist environment.

Most importantly my balcony edibles have never looked so lush. The worm juice is boosting their resistance to pests and diseases and encouraging faster growth.

A happy little ecosystem.

5 thoughts on “Worms get a feed

  1. Anonymous

    It always pains me to throw out our vegie scraps after years of composting, but moving into an apartment I thought we had no choice! Does the Tumbleweed smell? We might have to keep it in the laundry as our balconies are also very hot and bright.

  2. Lithopsland

    Congrats! Looks like a very good setup, & interesting to know that worm juice helps with boosting your plants' resistance to pests and diseases etc. I don't have a worm farm & I wonder why they like eggshells & how they consume it. Hmmm.

  3. thegreenbackyard

    I love our wormies too!A wet hessian sack draped over the worm farm might help keep them cool this summer?


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