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Edible Balcony – Cyril and Marge drop by with Vaughn and Meredith

                     Vaughn: Oh, I say Cyril, what! This is a spiffing location. And wonderful that it’s in Potts Point. So close to the yacht club. Isn’t it marvellous Meredith?
Meredith: Yes, dear.
Vaughn: How did you hear about it Cyril?
Cyril: A Terry Durack restaurant review. Can’t say I agree with all his comments – not everyone is into fresh herbs and vegetables. I’d like to see some fruit and maybe a grevillea or two.
Marge: Oh Cyril stop grumbling! You’re the one who likes coming here more than I do. You’re here every morning and every evening without fail. I think you’re quite smitten.
Cyril: The only thing I’m smitten with is you Marge.
Marge: Aw shucks Cyril…
Vaughn: Come on you two. You’re meant to be Rainbow Lorikeets not Love Birds!
Why don’t we pop in to the yacht club for a soda? I want to sharpen my beak on that new wooden clipper that docked this morning.

Edible Balcony – Cyril and Marge’s long-awaited review

Marge: ‘Is this the new place you heard about on Twitter?’
Cyril:   ‘Yeah. It’s called the Edible Balcony Perch. It got a great write-up in Tery Durack’s food column today.Even though the Sydney City Council keeps banging on about ‘greening our urban spaces’ it’s about the only leafy perch left in Potts Point with a decent view.
Marge:  ‘Not bad. What’s the house specialty?’
Cyril:     ‘Bar food looks disappointing. Just some boring herbs and vegies. And   they better get some grevillea nectar on the menu if they want  the locals coming back.’
Marge: Oh well, at least the view is breath-taking.
Cyril: Over-rated if you ask me.
  Cyril: This place is as dull as…. why don’t we pop down to the next floor for a few lines of sugar?
Marge: Cyril, you know the doctor warned you off refined carbohydrates!
Cyril: Aw, come on Marge just one little snort for old times’ sake?

Cyril: you like how it makes me perky…
Marge: OK. I suppose one line won’t hurt. And then we should check out that new wine garden in Surry Hills that everyone’s flocking to. I’m in the mood for a cheeky red.