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Worm Farm arrives

My balcony farming adventures just got a little bit more exciting. I’m trialling a worm farm from Tumbleweed. Tumbleweed’s worm farms come in different sizes depending on your space restrictions. This unit is called the ‘Worm Cafe’ and fits snuggly next to the BBQ in a shaded section of my balcony.

The tray system on legs is made from recycled plastic from car batteries and all the packaging is designed to be composted by your worms so no waste!

The first step is hydrating the worm bedding material made from coconut fibre. The worms will feed on this during their first week of settling in.
 The tight block of worm bedding takes about 15-20 mins to break down in a bucket of water.

 …until you get a thick fibrous porridge.

 All of this is poured into your worm farm.

 Then it’s time to add your worms. There are about 1000 in this cardboard tube.

 They come in a moist calico bag.

These are a special type of compost worm which are more effective than garden worms at breaking down waste. They can eat half their body weight in one day.

 Once they’re all inside their new home, cover them with the bag….

.. and a special worm blanket

…soaked in water which will ensure the worms are kept moist and that no sunlight gets through. Your worm farm should be stored out of direct sunlight and should be watered once a week to help the worms cool down and the water run-off will also give you a nutritious worm juice which you can feed your plants.

 And then it’s just a matter of putting on the lid and leaving your worms for a week to get used to their new home. Worms love to eat fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, and even hair and toe nail clippings.They don’t eat meat, cheese and fats and don’t like acidic vegies like garlic and onions in large quantities. I’m looking forward to tempting their taste buds with my delectable kitchen scraps.

Worm Farm

Fresh from an inspiring weekend presenting at the Sustain Expo at Moore Park in Sydney, I’ve decided to install a worm farm. The Tumbleweed company were demonstrating a compact cylindrical unit called ‘Can ‘o Worms’.( It’s a perfect size for a balcony. It gets delivered next week. I just have enough room to squeeze it in between the BBQ and the tap!
Can’t wait to have my own fresh supply of worm juice for my edibles. Speaking of which…. during the next few weeks I’ll need to start preparing some of the winter pots for their new spring tenants. It can be tedious work – digging out the old potting mix and replacing it with new soil, manure and compost – but I keep focussing on all those delicious edible crops that will soon be filling my balcony … more cherry and grape tomatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, big pots of basil, carrots and radishes. Delicious Spring feasts await. In the meantime my current tenants are enjoying the burst of sun this morning