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Newcastle – Hot Destination

We were in Newcastle on the weekend to see Roxy Music. The concert was brilliant perfection.
You may have read – with some surprise – that Newcastle was recently voted by Lonely Planet as one of 2011’s top ten hottest cities in the world.
I’ve been visiting Newcastle a bit during the last decade so that didn’t raise my eyebrows but
how did Newcastle manage to get on a list that included New York, Valencia and Delhi?
Well since the BHP steelworks closed here 12 years ago, gone is the choking pollution and brown haze that cloaked many of Newcastle’s finest assets.
Eat your heart out Sydney; Newcastle’s beaches are a mecca for surfers and sunseekers who are drawn to the dramatic rocky coastlines and wide sandy shores.
My favourite spot are the Ocean Baths on Shortland Esplanade.
They’ve undergone a magnificent restoration.
There is simply no more magical a place to take a dip than here….
…. especially when the rips and stingers are about at nearby Nobby’s Beach!
This is the view from our hotel room at Noah’s on the Beach. The hotel is old-fashioned and out of place in a beach environment with its dark pannelled interiors, heavy furniture and brass fittings. But with the beach, crashing waves and the pool at your doorstep we still keep coming back.
Since our last visit the local takeaway fish and chip joint on Scott St has morphed into a fine diner as well. 
 Scotties is well worth a pit stop

From the back door locals can still pickup their takeaway orders..
..all the usual uspects are here including hand-cut chips 
Or dine casually inside or under the umbrellas in the next door park 
 The coffee is top class
For breakfast we had organic poached eggs..
and the full hot brekkie with moreish mushrooms and a tasty hash brown.
 Newcastle is only a two hour drive from Sydney so what are you waiting for? Head out there this weekend!